Creating Alexa Skill using Java and AWS Lambda


The Goal

Gone are the days where we build applications and just think about graphical user interfaces, look and feel etc., There is a new interface that is gaining popularity. As Amazon, Google and Apple are bringing in voice assistants, it has become extremely important for us to learn how to build voice-activated applications. Voice based commands are much more complex than a GUI, user actions on our application are limited to button clicks, combo box selections, typing in text fields comprise of the majority of instructions. With touchscreen, we can see some more actions users can perform like swipe, pinch, zoom, rotate etc., However, with voice a single user may ask our application to do specific tasks in wide variety of ways, to increase the complexity even further different people may use and each have their own way of speaking. Alexa provides a simple framework to build these skills. In this article I will show you how you can build your own Alexa Skills.

The Solution

In-Progress… You can refer to the source code meanwhile.